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  • 4 Reasons to Sign Up to a Newsletter

    Who would actually ask for more emails?  Hopefully you!  Read these 4 reasons why, then decide.
  • Giclee Prints - What's the Big Deal?

    Why do I specify the prints are "giclee" and what does that mean anyway?
  • Mental Health Awareness Week - My Story about Loneliness and Widowhood

    Loneliness is the theme of this year's MHAW.  I was widowed suddenly in my early 30s, and this is my own story about loneliness and "overcoming all that sort of thing". Sharing because other people's stories helped me when I was in the worst of it, and because lending to the conversation is how we raise awareness of our mental health.
  • Linocut Printmaking & Classes - Mindful Craft Time

    Read about why I make linocut prints, and what I have planned with them for this year!
  • I'm Moving!

    Jenni Robinson Art is moving to Boom Studios, Bangor, Co Down!

    Art classes, commissions, gallery viewing, a friendly cuppa!

  • New Collection Coming 13th November...

    Buckle in for an insight to the inspiration and stories behind my new collection of work.  Collection launches 13th November.
  • Return to Work - Summer Sale - Future Work

    Summer Sale Incoming...

    (plus a whole lot of backstage happenings!)

  • 10% Sale - Ends Sunday 18th Apr

    Hello! I'm still on maternity leave but have used one of my days back to update the online stock.  Enjoy 10% off site-wide until Sunday 18th April!...
  • Maternity Leave

    Information about my maternity leave.

    No events or new order bookings until at least 31st March 2021.

    December order and new year returns/exchanges please email directly.

    Read more for full details!  Thank you x