Commission Possible! 3 Things you Wanted to Know about Custom Art Orders

People are shy about commissions.  How embarrassing is it to ask about prices!  What if you HATE it??

Here's the top 3 answers to your FAQs.  If you'd like to know every single detail I could think of about your custom landscape painting process, click the image below to visit my Commissions page on the website.

1 - How much is it?

Let's get the awkward question out first!  Please note my quotes are now for unframed artworks, I can quote you framing closer to the time if you need/want it.  Commissions start at £150 for a 20cm square acrylic painting.  40cm is around £350, larger is more.  Other shapes are available, this is just a ballpark!  

In the end, your quote will be tailored to your needs.  It may be a little more if I need to go and make a site visit, for instance.  If you have lovely photos, or if it's like, Fiji or something (probably can't justify that field trip, can I?), then I can use your images.

2 - But what if I don't like it?

That's never happened, so far...  I've done in to the hundreds of paintings now.  I will make reasonable adjustments if there's something you imagined differently.  If we really can't reconcile it, I'm protected to an extent by your deposit (20%, non refundable), and you can walk away without taking the painting, nor paying the other 80%.  You should confidently expect something similar to my back-catalogue of artwork, I will show you examples similar to what I envisage for you and we'll customise it as much as required.  I specialise in the feeling of a landscape, the weather, changing light, dramatic sky, stormy sea, etc etc so if there's a mood you want, tell me all about it.

3 - How long does it take?

Christmas gift orders are coming in now!  They'll likely be closed by October so September is really when you want to let me know about any gift orders for Winter.

Generally, 3 months is comfortable.  I have worked to a much, much shorter deadline in the past though so don't be scared to ask if you forgot it's your sister's 40th next month!

TLDR: here's a summary with pictures:

Infographic about Custom Commission Landscape Art | Jenni Robinson Art

Click the image above to visit the web page with all the T&C.  If you would like to enquire about your custom piece, Contact Me or Book a Studio Visit

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