Fieldwork - So Long but not Farewell!

It's July now, so the one-month project I started in January has really found its legs!!

I had an interview with a visiting intern at Framewerk Gallery in Belfast this week, where I have some pieces in stock.  In talking for so long about my work and process, I came to realise that my 2 most recent studio paintings felt like they had hit a method that I want to continue. A sort of culmination of all those hours of sketching and recreating marks and testing materials, all sifted out into a how-to of making my work.


Over the past 6 months, give or take, I've tried to use only material gathered first-hand in my sketchbooks as the reference images for my new studio work.  Such as the image below of my Skippingstone painting, made entirely using the sketchbook above for reference: it was drawn on one of my monthly sketchbook classes.

I'm therefore calling the Fieldwork project done!  Not because I'm not going to do it any more, but because it's brought about a new way of working that feels authentic to me and that I want to continue and settle in to.  Rather than considering it an experimental project, it's now a method that I'm going to use to create my Autumn/Winter collections of work.

I have a solo exhibition night due at Boom Studios on 29th September, where you can see the progression first hand alongside new work, and if you would like to kickstart your own sketchbook process please do book on to my A/W sketchwalks.  They start in August and run monthly until November.

If you want to go all-in why not pair the morning sketch walk with the afternoon landscape painting course, a 4-part technical kit of composition, colour, mark-making and producing a final masterpiece!

All events, including the exhibition night RSVP and booking links, are found on my events page here.

All queries and comments welcome, get in touch any time!

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