Print shop now open! I am still on maternity leave so custom commissions remain on hold until at least April.


Thank you for considering a commission.  Whether it's because you have a space that needs something very specific to complete it, you want a special scene recreated just for you, or you need an artwork for a special occasion, I'd be very honoured to make it happen.

I have completed over 200 commissions in my lifetime to date, in a variety of media, but my usual materials are acrylic paint on canvas, aluminium or board.


A commission needs to fit your needs and vision - so I hope the fact you are considering me means you like my style!  Although there is a certain amount of leeway and artistic license to be expected, you should be confident that an artwork will follow a broadly similar style to the examples shown throughout my website.  The process of working with a customer on a new painting's concept, materials and colour scheme is one of my favourite things to do, so rest assured I will make sure we're a good fit.  If I don't think your desired image or vision will translate well to my style I won't cover my thoughts up - I want to blow you away with the results and make something to be proud of.

Can I Include People?

Nope.  That's just not my specialty.  My style is that of wild and empty spaces and I strongly feel like the inclusion of figures takes away from that. 

The Process

When you get in touch, I'll gather some preliminary information from you such as ballpark size or budget (one tends to inform the other), type of artwork, specific scene, deadline etc.  Typically 3 months notice is doable but I've done far shorter, and you can book a date further away.

We will soon arrange to meet, or be back in touch again, once I have drafted a plan of action and quote to run past you.  If you are happy for me to proceed, you pay 50% deposit to secure the order, and you're in the diary.

I will then purchase your materials and let you know when I am starting on your artwork.

It will be up to you how often you want to be updated, some people love to see the process unfold with me, some like a surprise, some a bit of both.  I would recommend a sneaky peek at the first stages, then try and keep it to the end as like all beautiful swans, paintings often have an ugly duckling stage before the layers all work together!

Once finished, you will be asked to approve the work before any framing arrangements are put in place, at which time you will be required to pay the remaining balance in full prior to dispatch.

If it's your own piece and you don't want it to be a surprise, I'd love to share the process on social media.  This is one of the things I'll discuss with you early on.  Obviously gifts or surprises will not be shared until I'm cleared to do so by you.

Please note I generally only offer framing if it is a textural varnished piece (these do not go under glass), or if you are collecting/I can deliver.  I can not ship pieces of glass, because it's very hard to insure, almost impossible to pack safely.  You can trade the glass for thick perspex, which is the standard for shipping bigger items, but this is very expensive and perspex is incredibly easily scratched so you will have a bit of a maintenance task on your hands.  If you require a painting to be posted, my preference is to send it to you unframed so that you can support a local picture framer in your area, where you can have the full experience of suiting the surround to your artwork and decor.


Short answer, from £200.

This is really a "how long is a piece of string?" question.  Commissioned work is typically more expensive than out-the-shop pieces because of all the extra time and effort required - time that blocks me out of my normal day-to-day stock work, which often still has to get done somewhere!  In saying that, I always strive to offer fair value for you and miniature commissions can be as little as £200.  A more typical, medium sized framed piece of around 16" square would likely be around £600 and we can of course go large.  Your final quote will always be as custom to you as your painting due to the differences in material cost, framing and delivery.

I always post your work flat, I will not roll an original.  This can make shipping rather expensive so please be prepared for that when you request a large piece!  I have a van so can deliver within Northern Ireland at a cost of 45p per mile round trip from BT23 5NF.


Commissions incur a non-refundable* 50% deposit at time of booking.  This is necessary to enable me to buy your specific materials, and to cover my preparation and blocked-out calendar/worked time, should you change your mind before completion.  

*I will normally allow a 14-day cooling off period, you will be required to waive this cooling off period if your order is a last-minute request.  


You can cancel your commission at any time before dispatch, either because of a change in circumstances/mind or because you are dissatisfied with the outcome.  Cancellations will forfeit 100% of your deposit, except for cancellations within the agreed cooling off period.  Once your item has been dispatched, it can no longer be cancelled.  Cancelled pieces may still be created for my own stock at my discretion, and if the piece was already created before cancellation then the rights to distribution, disposal and print reproduction remain with Jenni Robinson Art and may be exercised at my discretion.  

I do not offer returns on commissions under any circumstances except irreparable damage in transit.  As per the process detailed above, you will be asked to approve the final artwork and pay the final balance prior to dispatch.  At dispatch the painting becomes 100% non-refundable unless damaged in transit, in which case please refer to my general returns policies at the foot of the page.

Phew that felt mean to write!  Whilst people say there's always a first time, I've never had an unhappy commission customer yet so please be reassured that I do encourage honest feedback and will be happy to make reasonable adjustments to your final piece to make it "just so".  

How to Pay

As this is a 2-part payment process I normally invoice you for each part, to be paid within 7 days by bank transfer, or you can pay by cash or credit/debit card if meeting/collecting from me at the studio.  The final piece will not be released from the studio without payment of your balance in full.

If you would prefer to pay the full amount in 3 installments, you can apply to pay through Klarna.  As a third party credit specialist, your eligibility and repayment scheduled are as per their terms and nothing to do with Jenni Robinson Art.  I do insist on you applying for the full amount when using Klarna, as their acceptance of you for the deposit is not a guarantee that they will grant you credit again for the balance.  I would however refund you 50% if you changed your mind before completion, as per my commission cancellation policy above. A small banking admin fee may apply for this.

In order to offer you Klarna’s payment methods, we might in the checkout pass your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna, in order for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment methods and to tailor those payment methods for you. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy notice.