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A collection of black and white test prints

I’ve been spending a bit more time lately with my linocut tools.  A slow craft where you carve a design into a linoleum block, roll it with highly pigmented, sticky ink and make prints; it’s the artform I use on the rare occasion I have time in the studio with no agenda to make “something else” other than paintings.

It’s been a couple of years since I displayed linocut prints in public; and I’ve amassed a small collection of landscape images, which I would like to present as a collection, available to buy online soon.   

The images are very different to my paintings, which are loose and evocative of sweeping landscapes and weather; particularly in the sea and sky.  I always joke that I can’t draw a straight line or have patience for detail, and whilst this is true in my painting style, it’s what I relish about the controlled carving technique of linocut.  So the linocut images feature sharp, detailed, linear forms such as geometric rock horizons, building stonework and engineered forms like rollercoasters or bridges.Flatlay display of giants causeway print, roller, print block

I’m currently working on an experimental piece of Cushendun, which ironically aims to capture the effect of painterly brushwork.  If it works out how I hope, I’ll make it available too!

I’m hesitant to tell you about my intention to carve a calendar of botanical images, but it might push it on to the definite “to do” list if I do..  Some of you kindly answered my instagram poll about plants and flowers being considered part of landscape art, it was a resounding yes so again, rather than try and start painting items in detail, I thought linocut would be the perfect medium.  Watch this space to see if I manage to get that underway!

Since 2007 I have held my City & Guilds certificate in adult teaching, and linocut is my absolute favourite class to run.  My seasonal beginner’s classes run a few times per year, and lead in to a brand new monthly social print afternoon where you can come back and work on your projects in the company of likeminded crafters, with me on hand to trouble shoot and provide a selection of materials for you to try. 

Since I moved to Boom Studios in Bangor, I’ve loved the opportunity to use the on-site workshop room as my base.  I use their system to manage all my workshop bookings, you can check out the latest links on my Events page. 

If you would like information on my prints, classes, or booking a one-to-one or private group session, I’d be delighted to hear from you.  Here is the link to my contact page.

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