I'm Moving!

Boom Studios

(Sorry - studios not currently available- I took it!)

I'm currently in the middle of a very exciting move!  You may know from following me on social media that after we welcomed our son last year, we ended up moving house and town.  Despite my cheery expectation that I could still keep the old studio in Lisbane, the realities of full time motherhood meant that out of my precious work time, the commute has become unreasonable.

A studio became available in the wonderful artist community at Boom Studios, right in the heart of our new home, and somewhere I just happen to be freelancing doing some work at the moment as well.  So it all seemed like the perfect alignment of circumstances to make one more big change.

Hopefully, this will be the last (very happy!) upheaval to my work life and prove a very fruitful move.  I have so so so many ideas for new work and having the opportunity to work more often and more flexibly is something I am very excited about.

Did I mention there's a big workshop room?? So you can now consider this my home for workshops and I plan to also develop a bigger programme of teaching options for you to enjoy as well - both in person and online.

I have painted the walls, and will start the heavy moving tomorrow.  It might take me a week or 2 to get it all "just so" but if you'd like to come and meet me there, drop me a line and I'd be delighted to show you around.

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