4 Reasons to Sign Up to a Newsletter

Here’s why a good newsletter is so important to me, and good for you!

1 - It’s the only way to make sure you know what’s happening with me and my work.

Social media platforms change regularly - you’ve probably seen a lot of posts complaining about “the algorithm” on Instagram or Facebook.  It’s inevitable that as things grow, they get “improved” for those who use them the best.  For those of us who aren't advertising gurus, or have the time to invest in following the latest content trends, we're noticing a tight squeeze on our viewing figures.  The algorithm hones your interests down and squeezes out a lot of the content that you actually liked, and wanted to see in the first place.  That’s us wee folk in the squeeze pile! 

I’ve also seen a LOT of profiles get their Instagram hacked/cloned and stolen, or have Facebook decide they’ve violated some guideline and frozen them - all that hard work gone in smoke.  Worse still, potentially harmful spam messages sent to their customers.  I always have backup security features switched on for my accounts, but in the event that ever happens to me, having my customer list safe and sound via my website will allow us to keep in touch/keep my work reaching out there.

Also, it’s a direct line to my email - reply to me for a chat/ask me anything - nice and easy!

2 - You get to see things first

Usually, after a bit of build-up online, it’s the subscribed mailing list who get the first look at a completed body of work, new classes or a sale/promo event.  

Particularly with originals, if they’re popular, saving time on the launch by already knowing what you want can make all the difference. 

3 - Never pay full retail price again!

On. All. Orders*.  Including new work.  When you subscribe to my newsletter via the wee popup box it gives you a 10% code, but I have a permanent code that goes in my newsletters so every order you make will have a 10% discount, not just the introductory offer.

*Due to technical things out of my control, sometimes you can’t use the code with another one, but then you can choose to use the one that gives you the best deal.

4 - The content you want, no junk, no ads

I spend far too long reading and re-reading the newsletter, reducing unnecessary words and fretting over whether the content is in the right order, and of interest to you.  I’m no English language scholar, but I plan the newsletter to capture what I want to tell you, in a layout that is easy to follow, and gets straight to the point.  Sometimes the point is a story but you can always do a quick scroll!  I pay monthly for my professional website - you’re not going to be bombarded with popup windows, videos you can skip in 5 seconds, or any of those horrors.

If I’m on time and organised, you’ll get a maximum of 2 newsletters per month.  The unsubscribe link is at the foot of each email if you change your mind.

Sign up at the foot of the website, if the popup box didn't already catch you.   

A heart-felt “thank you” to all my subscribers!


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